hydrotherapySalt Water Hydrotherapy

Bring your dog to swim in our fully heated and filtered pool.

Complete with two powerful anti-swim jets. The salt water system provides safe sanitation without the need to add chemicals to maintain a healthy,balanced water quality.

Swim aids, shower and dryers available.

Ideal for slimming and exercising your dog.

A controlled swim in the hydrotherapy pool will give your dog the ultimate benefit of non weight bearing exercise and hot water therapy. It has been designed to assist dogs recovering from injury or operation and also benefits dogs to maintain peak fitness.

This type of facility has proved a great performance booster for greyhounds who have been injured on the race track, it is also highly recommended by veterinary surgeons for post operative recovery of any type or size of dog.

Dogs enter the pool via a non-slip ramp and swim in the jet stream of two powerful anti-swim jets. These are fully adjustable from a slight current to white water.

An electric hoist aids with the support of the dog while in the pool.

Full support is provided for any size of dog with our range of bouyancy aids.

The pool is fully filtered,heated to between 28 & 30 degrees centigrade and controlled to provide a safe and comfortable swimming environment for your dog.

Charges for swimming sessions, inclusive of vat:

Single dog session £17.50